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2012 November Year of Yay! – Giving Back

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We have another Year of Yay! ride coming up on November 17, 2012. Our theme for November is “Giving Back” and we’re asking the participants to bring donations (food, coats, or toiletries) or purchase items during our visits to Whole Foods (our sponsor this month!), Big Lots, and a thrift store. We’ll end the ride at a local food pantry to drop off the donated items so be sure to bring panniers/trailers/cargo bikes/whatever so it makes everyone’s life easier.


In addition to giving back, the calories burned on the ride may make you feel a little less guilty about having that second slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!


The when: Saturday November 17, 2012, at 9:00 AM

The where: Goodale Park covered shelterhouse near the basketball court

The what: Giving Back bike ride!

The RSVP: Facebook


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