Mission, Etc.


Yay Bikes! works to increase trips by bicycle and reduce bicycle crashes in the Central Ohio area and beyond.

Theory of Change

Yay Bikes! believes our mission will be most effectively accomplished in the context of:

Meaningful relationships

We facilitate a caring community of cyclists because we believe that transportation behavior change can be difficult when attempted in isolation.


We provide bicycle education because we believe that people need both information and practice to successfully ride the roads.

Culture change

We explore the intersections between bicycling and other areas of life because we believe it necessary to expand the public’s notion of who is and can be a bicyclist.


We revel in the joy of bicycling because we believe that people don’t permanently adjust their behavior if they don’t enjoy their new way of being.

Love of place

We ride the streets of Central Ohio because we believe that people need to develop new mental maps and discover unique destinations to experience again by bike.


The values of KINDNESS, INTEGRITY and EXCELLENCE are deeply embedded within the culture of Yay Bikes!, and provide the filter through which we determine who to develop as leaders, what partnerships to pursue and how we approach opportunities and challenges.