Gordon Biersch rocks more than just beer

gordon biersch 2
Catherine takes to the bar to share what’s up with YB! these days

Gordon Biersch chose Yay Bikes! as the recipient of its October Tapping Party, at which we got a first taste of Master Brewer Keith Jackson’s American Style Red Ale and heard from Catherine about Yay Bikes!’ new infrastructure advocacy initiatives. 10% of bar sales that night benefitted our work. So (drumroll please…) the final tally was … $300 from Gordon Biersch and $365 from our raffle. YAY for y’alls generosity!


Announcing 2015′s Year of Yay! themes & button artist

A taste of our new button designs!
2015′s themes
Mark your calendars for 2nd Saturdays throughout 2015! Our themes will be:
  • Jan = Winter Comforts, led by Catherine Girves
  • Feb = Valentines, led by Jen Cowley & Kathleen Koechlin
  • Mar = Underground Railroad, led by John Wyman
  • Apr = Up & Coming, led by OSU City & Regional Planning students
  • May = Bike to Work, led by Julie Walcoff
  • Jun = Oddities, led by Craig Clark
  • Jul = Cool It, led by Kathleen O’Dowd
  • Aug = Food Incubators, led by John Cresencia
  • Sep = Architecture, led by David Curran
  • Oct = Get Out the Vote, led by Bambo Sanusi
  • Nov = Biology Class, led by Rick Ucker
  • Dec = Giving, led by Trace Hendricks

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Lookie here…who just became a League of American Bicyclists Instructor.

Our own Catherine Girves took the time and made the commitment to become and League Cycling Instructor.  Having  just completed a three-day training seminar in Princeton, New Jersey, she has Catherinebecome Columbus’s Newest LCI.  She is pictured here with others who took the seminar.

The League writes: “League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) are certified by the League of American Bicyclists to teach the Smart Cycling classes…Their goal is to help people feel more secure about getting on a bike, to create a mindset that bikes are treated as a vehicle, and to ensure that people on bikes know how to ride safely and legally.”  This is onecongrats instructor who will remain active within the cycling community. Congratulations to Catherine on this latest accomplishment.

Year of Yay! Super Heroes: A Big Bucket O’ Fabulous

SH1Aliceanne Inskeep, with assistance from Jeff Gove, put together a fabulous adventure for the November, 2014, chapter of Year of Yay!  Their inventive take on a super heroes theme landed us in some interesting and unusual locations.  They are pictured here after having successfully consulted with Zeus, the Greek god of the sky.  They were able to negotiate some superb, fall weather. After learning about what’s new and happening at Yay Bikes! from our executive director, Catherine Girves, and briefs about safety and the route, we began our journey out of Whole Foods towards our first destination. Continue reading

Our public input methodology & how to get involved

photoYay Bikes! members on a ride to evaluate proposed changes to 3rd and 4th Streets in downtown Columbus.

With our inaugural infrastructure input project about to be wrapped, we’re confident that this formula fits well with our culture and, more importantly, that it works.  Here’s the breakdown of how we’re going to handle each request we receive for cyclist feedback, and how you can get involved. Of course anyone may feel free to provide their own feedback directly to the city, whether in writing or at their public input meetings, but this is how Yay Bikes! will generate our official feedback on proposed infrastructure projects. Although our leadership is comprised of some damn impressive bicycle experts (ahem… if we do say so…!), we refuse to decide our advocacy positions from within a board room. We believe the process described below is a more robust and participatory process than you will find anywhere in the country, and we hope you will become a member so you can have your voice heard. Continue reading

October 2014 Year of Yay! Spooooookay!

Could we have asked for finer weather?  No!  The spirits were with us the entire day, they escorted us, and we YOY Whole Foodsappreciated them guiding us through what might have been a truly frightening experience.  Cherie Antonia, our ride leader, took us out of YOY2the Whole Foods parking lot a little after 10 am on this spirited, beautiful, fall morning.  With a mild nip in the air,   we meandered through Upper Arlington, Grandview and Marble Cliff.  We picked up the lower Scioto Greenway adjacent to Riverside Dr and crossed the bridge over the River into the community of Valley View. We headed southeast towards our first possessed destination, Camp Chase Cemetery.  Camp Chase was a military staging and training camp established in Columbus, Ohio in May 1861 after the start of the American Civil War. It also included a section for use as a prison camp for confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. Continue reading

Register for 2014 BikePed Summit

bikepedsummitforsliderThere is still time to register for the FREE Ohio Department of Transportation 2014 BikePed Summit on November 4, 2014. Keynote speaker, Jessica Roberts with Alta Planning+Design will be joined by professionals from all over the state (including Yay Bikes! Executive Director, Catherine Girves), to discuss programs that help people walk and bike safely and more often. Session topics include: education, policy, health, engineering, advocacy, economics, and planning. This is a great opportunity to spend the day with others interested in working together to make Ohio a world class bicycle friendly community.

Lucky’s Market + its shoppers = “like, woah!”

Earlier this year, Lucky’s Market in Clintonville selected us to participate in their Bag Program, whereby shoppers receive wooden dimes to allocate to a local charity for each bag they bring with them. When we received the first check for $1,348.40, we thought WOW, this is WAY more than we expected…that’s like 13,484 dimes! But of course they match the donated amount, so I guess that makes sense. When we received a second check for $1,400 — their actual match — we were all like “O…M….G….” + jaw drops. So thank you to the shoppers who chose Yay Bikes! as the beneficiary of 13,484 (!) wooden dimes. And thanks to Lucky’s Market for their outrageous support of Columbus cyclists. A big time tip o’ the helmet to you all!

Become a GOOBI on the inaugural infrastructure commentary ride with Yay Bikes!

GOOBI: one who likes to Geek Out On Bicycle Infrastructure
Yay Bikes! has been asked by the City of Columbus, Department of Public Service to provide feedback regarding bicycle infrastructure proposed for 3rd and 4th Streets in downtown Columbus. To provide Public Service Director Davies and Deputy Director Gallagher with productive input on the designs, we are launching a new infrastructure ride crit series for our fellow GOOBIes,  through which we will ride the streets, imagine how the proposed changes will affect us as cyclists and deliver our commentary on a future ride with project staff. Here’s how it will work this time around:

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Year of Yay! call for 2015 button artist and ride leaders

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.17.42 PM
Call for 2015 button artist 
It’s button designin’ time again! We are seeking an artist to design a series of 12 buttons depicting next year’s ride themes. To apply, submit one 1.25″ button design with the theme “Underground Railroad” to Meredith by Nov 15. Buttons should reflect both the theme + the bicycling, and they should include our url. The board will vote on submitted designs Nov 17, and the art must be complete by Jan 2. This is a paid gig, yep yep!

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