How We Roll – CoGo Bike Share

How We Roll – CoGo Bike Share

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Yay Bikes! has teamed up with Columbus’s bike share program CoGo to provide 20 free How We Roll – CoGo classes.

After learning how great the How We Roll experience is I’m sure you want to take a class, (or refer someone). You are in luck! CoGo has hired Yay Bikes! to provide ten weeks of lunch hour classes to help bicyclists learn how to confidently and legally navigate the roads of downtown Columbus. You know it is quicker to get to that meeting by bike than it is to: 1) walk to your car, 2) drive it to the closest lot or meter, then 3)walk to the meeting. This high-touch, slow-paced ride/class will leave participants with the knowledge of how to be predicable and visible to motorists. And yes, you are finally going to learn how to appropriately share the road with COTA bus drivers.

Classes are offered Wednesday and Friday from noon-1p beginning August 7th and continuing through October 11th. Register on line at At registration you will be asked a few brief questions (we are research nerds). We will also provide a loaner helmet to participants who indicate a need. Each rider will also receive a drawstring backpack bag with information covered during the ride and goodies such as a free CoGo day pass, MORPCs great bike map, a How We Roll button and sticker, and other useful information for city bicyclists. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


HOW WE ROLL – What is it?

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How We Roll is innovative cyclist education that forsakes the classroom for a fun, informative, on-road experience. This unique cyclist education program designed to teach people how to ride bicycles confidently in traffic, foster a positive bike culture, and reduce the incidence of bike/car crashes.

This award winning program of Yay Bikes! was featured in the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly America Guide 2012 and received the WTS Columbus Chapter’s Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.

How We Roll seeks to change the behaviors that most often lead to crashes through on road bicycle education. We have worked with several groups to provide this service to hundreds of cyclists on a contract basis, including: The Ohio State University, Womens Transportation Seminar, University of Akron, AIA Columbus/Center for Architecture and Design, Central Ohio Freedom Schools, City of Columbus Department of Recreation and Parks and Department of Public Service, and CoGo Bike Share.

Two instructors lead a group of 4-8 students riding at a breezy pace. The route is designed to feature various traffic scenarios, with an increasing degree of difficulty. Groups make 5-6 stops where instructors discuss the section of road just traveled, present new information, answer questions, and critique student riding habits. Instructors convey information regarding road riding skills, traffic principles, and bicycle related traffic law. At the last stop students complete a short evaluation. Participants learn to ride confidently, legally, and comfortably on city streets.

Previous tour participants report extremely high levels of satisfaction with the How We Roll experience and increased levels of confidence.

“This tour showed me a lot and it was really fun being respected by cars on a bike as a vehicle because in the small city I am from, bikes are not used like they are in Columbus and no one rides on the roads. I am glad I went on the tour because I know the street laws now and it encouraged me to start riding a bike more places now that I am comfortable with the laws” -  OSU Graduate Student

This summer, How We Roll is being implemented in three ways – for kids aged 4-17, in partnership with CoGo bike share, and as a component of the City of Columbus’s Share the Road campaign. Read on for the details!


Here are some great ways to volunteer with Yay Bikes!

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Pedal Instead Bike Corral
Not sure what the Bike Corral is? Think of it as “coat check for bikes.” People drop off their bicycle, we give them a claim ticket, and we keep their bike in our secure corral for the duration of their stay at an event. We collect mileage data in order to determine environmental data such as pounds of carbon saved, gallons of fuel saved, and number of calories burned. Cyclists earn a Buy One, Get One burrito coupon from our sponsor Chipotle just for parking their bike in our corral, (at all events except ComFest and OSU football games).

Volunteers working 4 hours in the bike corral earn a FREE burrito coupon from Chipotle (except at Comfest). Work up an appetite in the corral and then enjoy a hearty, free burrito!

Check out the full list of events needing volunteers at We’ll be at the Mayor’s Twilight Ride on Friday July 12th, and the Paddle and Pedal event on Saturday July 13th.  Keep checking the site regularly for new events, or send a quick email to to be added to the special Pedal Instead Volunteer email list.

Here are two ways to volunteer AND have fun doing it:

Safety or Clean Up and Recycling late night shifts (10pm and later):

  • Comfest offers an opportunity for volunteers to contribute real dollars to an organization of their choice when they work the late night Safety or Clean Up and Recycling shifts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • First step – register online at and enter Yay Bikes as the “organization name.”
  • Second step – when you arrive for your shift, be sure to complete the donation sheet, writing in Yay Bikes as the organization.
  • Bonus – for your hard work, not only will you help Yay Bikes!, you’ll also get a cool Clean Up and Recycling Comfest volunteer t-shirt AND special volunteer tokens to use for food and beverage (including beer) at the festival.

Pedal Instead Bike Corral:
Last year, we parked nearly 2500 bikes in the Pedal Instead bike corral at the corner of Dennison and Buttles. We are sure to break that record this year! Get your work out in by joining us for late night bike parking shifts and/or Sunday evening bike corral breakdown. You’ll earn tokens AND get a special t-shirt! Register at

Participating in a Parade
A great way to show your support for alternative transportation in Columbus. Yay Bikes! regularly participates in the Doo Dah Parade each year. Join us on July 4th in Goodale Park at noon. For more information click here

Yay Bikes! Table at Community Events
At various events around town throughout the year, Yay Bikes! sets up a table to create interest and provide education around alternative transportation and transportation policy in Ohio. We need volunteers to staff the tables, pass out literature, and encourage people to join Yay Bikes! in our efforts to increase cycling in the Central Ohio region. Share your cycling stories!

Assisting with a Ride
The Year of Yay series of monthly rides around Columbus is a great opportunity to join a ride and encourage others to do the same. For each ride, we need volunteers to assist on the ride – someone who guides others on the ride, encourages newbies, fixes flats, and flanks the pack. We also need volunteers to help with the registration process and volunteers to greet people and keep up the conversation while we prepare to get on the road. With the rapid growth of our group (last month we had 70+ riders!), registration can take some time. Call (614) 371-8232 or e-mail  to help out on a Year of Yay ride.

Helping the Organization Run like a Well-Oiled Machine
Even though we’ve added a couple of staff members, there are tons of things that need to get done on a regular basis in order to keep Yay Bikes! running like a well-oiled machine and growing constantly. Do you have web skills? Are you social media savvy? Do you like writing about your cycling experiences? Are you especially productive with tasks like button making? Do you love snapping photos and sharing them with friends? These are all things we desperately need!! We are in urgent need of people or a person with mad web skills to update our Yay Bikes! and Pedal Instead sites so please shoot an email to if you have this special skill OR if you’d like to volunteer in any other way.


OSU parking privatization worse than you possibly could have imagined

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I have been naive about the proposal to privatize parking at OSU. Until today I was thinking, “OK, well that probably sucks for all sorts of reasons, but at least it will raise parking rates and that could make people less inclined to drive to campus.” Indeed, parking fees under the plan would be raised at least 7.5% each year for the next 10 years—which is good for people like me who would prefer that the cost of driving is high enough to discourage it. But then I talked to an OSU employee who told me a choice tidbit from the contract currently being developed. And yes, it is worse than you possibly could have imagined for efforts to promote active transportation on campus.