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October 2014 Year of Yay! Spooooookay!

Could we have asked for finer weather?  No!  The spirits were with us the entire day, they escorted us, and we YOY Whole Foodsappreciated them guiding us through what might have been a truly frightening experience.  Cherie Antonia, our ride leader, took us out of YOY2the Whole Foods parking lot a little after 10 am on this spirited, beautiful, fall morning.  With a mild nip in the air,   we meandered through Upper Arlington, Grandview and Marble Cliff.  We picked up the lower Scioto Greenway adjacent to Riverside Dr and crossed the bridge over the River into the community of Valley View. We headed southeast towards our first possessed destination, Camp Chase Cemetery.  Camp Chase was a military staging and training camp established in Columbus, Ohio in May 1861 after the start of the American Civil War. It also included a section for use as a prison camp for confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. The camp was closed and dismantled after the war, and the siteYOY Chase 1 has been redeveloped for residential and commercial use, except for the Confederate States Army cemetery containing 2,260 graves.  Tales are toldYOY camp chase of a lady in Grey weeping quietly over the grave of one Benjamin F. Allen,  a private in the 50th Tennessee regiment company. While leaving several riders claimed to have witnessed an ethereal,  melancholy presence.  Some said they could hear a very low and soft moaning as we quietly exited grave side.

Undaunted we cautiously proceeded to our next ghostly destination.  Cherie expertly navigated us through the West Side of Columbus toward the Green Lawn Abbey.  This allowed us to approach the Green Lawn Cemetery from its southern end and gave us an uncommon glimpse at what birders around the country know to be premier and sacred land.  Along with a vast number of dead people are some ancient and notable trees residing in this cemetery.  It is those trees that host those many birds and make Green Lawn the National Geographic and Audubon acclaimed treasure that it is. Arriving at Green Lawn Abbey exposed us to yet another strange and exciting experience. YOY3We were greeted by a volunteer docent who shared the remarkable tale of this crypt (Listen Here).    Built in 1927 by the Columbus Mausoleum Company, It was the finest and largest in the area with room for 600 interments (aka dead people). The Columbus Mausoleum Company built numerous other mausoleums in the surrounding area but this was was their showpiece.  Built to last forever and to inspire awe, it had 1½“ thick granite walls, marble interior and an imported tile roof.  Everyone enjoyed occasionally recognizing some of the names of those persons who left their marks on Columbus and its neighborhoods.YOY HIlls

As everyone knows, it takes a lot of energy to journey into the world of spirits and ghosts. Although the spirits mentored us throughout  as we journeyed, they did not feed our bodies, so we made our way to the Hills Market downtown for physical nourishment.   On a ride we did not too long ago, Yay Bikes! member John Bannon shared that the part of long rides he loves the most are the stops.  No truer point could be made on this day.  We shared camaraderie, and fueled our bellies  to take the last of our spirit-world journeys for the day.  Pictured above is our executive director, Catherine Girves and her partner in marriage, Jeff Gove.  Although you can’t tell from the photo, they were both very scared  during the ride and it was only after this refueling and much support from other riders that they could once again smile.

It was time for us to move on and Cherie was once again up the task. Not too far from the Market, but deeper into our netherworld travels, our final stop awaited us at James Thurber’s House.  YOY thurber From 1913-1917, Thurber attended the Ohio State University. It was at this time that his family rented the house we visited. It was dedicated as the Thurber House in 1984. After some of us finished touring the home we were entertained by an enthusiast who began sharing a number of witty Thurber quotes and factoids about the author.  We all gained a sense of the celebrity who once lived in this modest home.  

Inundated with the spirit, we headed back, sailing off on two wheels to return to the start.  A number of us celebrated the culmination of our ghostly meandering with some spirits (the kind that come in a Pilsner glass or snifter) at Whole Foods.  We made merry and talked about another delightful Year of Yay! It was an experience that allowed us to celebrate not only joy of cycling, but of just being alive.   

, but she’s better known as the Lady in Grey. She weeps quietly over the grave of one Benjamin F. Allen, a private in  Tennessee Regiment, Company D. Allen’s grave is number 233 out of 2,260 Confederate soldiers laid to rest in this two-acre plot in the capital city of a very Northern state. 

Become a GOOBI on the inaugural infrastructure commentary ride with Yay Bikes!

GOOBI: one who likes to Geek Out On Bicycle Infrastructure
Yay Bikes! has been asked by the City of Columbus, Department of Public Service to provide feedback regarding bicycle infrastructure proposed for 3rd and 4th Streets in downtown Columbus. To provide Public Service Director Davies and Deputy Director Gallagher with productive input on the designs, we are launching a new infrastructure ride crit series for our fellow GOOBIes,  through which we will ride the streets, imagine how the proposed changes will affect us as cyclists and deliver our commentary on a future ride with project staff. Here’s how it will work this time around:


October 15, 6–7:30pm – Interested Yay Bikes! members* are welcome ride with us to evaluate the proposed design and offer their thoughts about it. Registration is limited to 20 people, so let us know by Oct 14 that you’ll be joining us!

Later in October – Yay Bikes! leadership will again ride the route, this time with project staff, including engineers, and communicate the larger groups’ feedback.

Sometime thereafter — Yay Bikes! will publish a blog post about the experience and any outcomes from it.

Your patience is appreciated as we flesh out our infrastructure advocacy methodology. We hope to have fun with it, of course, and also to involve as many people in on-bike design commentary as possible. Our board and staff aren’t the only bike experts in town, and we aren’t going to act like we are. Our job is to coordinate the community’s response to proposed infrastructure, not dictate it. Please join us!

*This opportunity is a benefit of Yay Bikes! membership, and is open exclusively to our members. Please join today to ride with us on the 15th!

Successful Conversation between Motorists and Bicylcists

We had a wonderful time at the For Safety’s Sake event on July 24th! Big thanks to everyone who made it such a success. The organizers and presenters: Dana Bagwell with the Clintonville Area Commission for organizing and promoting the event, Chris George with the City of Columbus Public Service Department for explaining various bicycle facilities, Columbus Police Officers Clinger and Curmode for explaining enforcement procedures, and Yay Bikes! Executive Director Catherine Girves for sharing safe riding tips.

Special thanks to the active and vocal group of attendees who were full of great questions and comments. It turned out to be a very productive and interesting 2 hour conversation. I think we all left with new information and resources.

Thanks also to Kevin Parks with “This Week Community News” for covering the event in his article Cyclists, drivers seek truce at gathering.



Deschutes Brewery bringing Woody to Bike the C-Bus 2014

We have been working on the logistics for a beer garden at Bike the C-bus for several years. This year the stars have aligned and Deschutes Brewery from Bend, Oregon is bringing the Woody Wagon to serve beer during lunch.

IMG_0124Some stats about Woody

  • Woody’s debut was at the 2007 Fremont Oktoberfest
  • Woody has 8 taps on each side, pours 6 different Deschutes beers, and the refrigerator holds up to 8 50L kegs and 2 dedicated 110-Volt outlets needed or he has an on board generator if no power.

  • Length of Woody 25ft
  • 45ft with truck attached
  • Width of Woody…
    Wings closed 8ft
    Add 4ft per wing
  • Height 10ft
  • Weight about 5400lbs
  • Comes with a six speaker stereo system with disco ball

Check out their website here
Register for Bike the C-Bus 2014 

How We Roll in Akron Beacon Journal

Yay Bikes! on road bike safety program, How We Roll, was introduced at University of Akron last fall under the leadership of our dear friend, Andy Davis. We are delighted to work with Andy and the other wonderful folks at University of Akron to help implement this program around the state.

Bicyclist pedal through downtown Akron to see city and learn on-street pedaling – July 7, 2014 front page Akron Beacon Journal

Bicycle tour offers guided ride through Akron – July 10, 2014, Akron Leader Publications

Bicyclists, motorists in  Akron area still learning to share the road – July 14, 2014, Akron Beacon Journal


Vote on 3-foot passing rule coming to a vote at Columbus city council

3 feetnbc4i reports The proposed “safe street ordinance” would:”

  • Require a distance of three feet when motorists pass cyclists.
  • Remove the requirements for overtaken vehicles to give way to the right in favor of the passing vehicle.
  • Remove the requirement to audibly signal when passing another vehicle.
  • Require the passing vehicle to change lanes if necessary when passing cyclists when an additional lane of traffic is available.

Read it here