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Year of Yay! Up and Coming CBus Neighborhoods ride: a grand success

Our author greeting the throngs
Our leader/author greeting the throngs

It’s 10:00am on April 11, 2015. There are 80+ bicyclists outside of Whole Foods ready for 3 stops and 1 mission: to tour the up and coming neighborhoods of Columbus.

April’s Year of Yay Ride was a collaboration between Yay Bikes! and CRPSA, the City and 15Regional Planning Association at Ohio State University. Devin and Will, both board members of CRPSA, created, tested, and coordinated the stops and 18 mile route. After a brief safety message and notes about upcoming Yay Bikes! events from executive director Catherine Girves we were off!

17The route to stop number one took the group through Upper Arlington and Grandview. On the way, the group spotted signs of construction at the new Grandview Yard development and took a test ride on the Goodale Street Olentangy Multi-use Trail Access Ramp. The route progressed as planned until the group exited the Olentangy Trail and headed into Franklinton. A road closure near the intersection of Souder Avenue and McKinley Avenue forced the 80+ Year of Yay-ers to a detour on a nearby trail.

At the eastern side of COSI, the group took a quick stop for a group weigh-in on the outdoor giant scale. Our 14,000+ lb total weight confirmed what we18 already knew – it’s time for everyone to invest in a lighter weight bicycle…or maybe time to ride! We 19headed west to the Columbus Idea Foundry, the ride’s first stop. Alex Bandar, Founder & CEO, greeted us and provided a brief tour that included a stop in theFoundry’s new upstairs presentation space. Members of the Idea21 Foundry have 24/7 access to the facilities, which include metal working equipment, 3D printers, and other tools to create almost anything.

On the way to Stop #2, the group pedaled through East Franklinton, one of the major up-and-coming 22neighborhoods in Columbus. In 2012, the Columbus City Council adopted a new plan for the area that forecasts and plans for 4,000 new residential units and over 500,000 square feet of arts, retail, office, and incubator space over the next 20 years. After crossing the Main Street Bridge, the group continued east through downtown into Olde Town East, the second up and23 coming neighborhood in Columbus.

Central Community House was our second stop. The organization’s mission8 is to provide a source of support and a community center for families in the Olde Town East neighborhood. The group was able to tour the facilities with Jackie Calderone, a member of the Central Community House leadership team and director of the Transit Arts program. Chloe Green, the president of CRPSA, 7spoke about her personal work with the Transit Arts program and its impact on teenage students in the area. Area students can also join other after-school programs and take classes about topics that range from public speaking to spoken26 word performance.

The route took the group west down Bryden Road and past the new Columbus Museum of Art 24expansion, which will nearly double the museum’s exhibit space. Passing under the Columbus College of Art and Design’s ART sculpture, the group 9continued down Gay and Front Street, passing by numerous construction sites on the way.

The third stop of Year of Yay! April 2015 was10 Ohio State University’s north campus residential project. In conjunction with the OSU Second-year Transformational Experience Program (STEP), the OSU north campus will see the net addition of 3,200 bed spaces, 11 new 14buildings, and 2 new dining facilities. Jennifer Evans-Cowley, OSU professor and Vice Provost for Capital Planning and Regional Campuses, provided a presentation on the details of the project – scheduled for completion in Autumn 2016.

27Back at Whole Foods, the group rejoiced in a great 28ride full of optimistic thoughts for the summer season of bicycling. Will Yay Bikes! collectively reach our end-of-year weight loss goals? Surely a beautiful summer of Year of Yay! rides will begin to have an impact on our upcoming end of the season weigh in! See you in May for another great ride. Yay Bikes! (article written by Will Hughen)29

Out & About — April with Yay Bikes!

“Selfies with Catherine”: City of Columbus engineers and friends edition

Welcome to the monthly feature in which we round up all our events, earned media, program deliver, meetings and speaking engagements for the month. Behold, April:

Apr 1 = Open Houses for Connect Columbus

Apr 2 = Open House for Connect Columbus

Apr 2 = Infrastructure review ride of Long & Spring with 4 Yay Bikes! members

Apr 5 = Infrastructure review ride of Long & Spring with 15 Yay Bikes! members

Apr 8 = Annual Bike Expo @ Battelle 

Apr 8 = Sharing “How We Roll” @ Pelotonia’s Captains’ night

Apr 9 = “Put a Lid on It” program training practitioners statewide about youth bike safety with the Ohio Department of Transportation and the American Academy of Pediatricians, Ohio Chapter 

Apr 9 = ODOT News Release: “Ohio children to receive more than 9,000 helmets”

Apr 9 = ODOT video: “Put a Lid on It”

Apr 9 = Planning meeting for Central Ohio’s 2015 Ride of Silence 

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Out & About — March with Yay Bikes!

catherine tiberi
“Snapshots with Catherine”, Suzanne Birk (Bicycle Activity Chair, Columbus Outdoor Pursuits) and Chuck Smith (President, Ohio Bicycle Federation) edition. They’re about to chat with Representative Tiberi’s staff about bikin’!

Welcome to the monthly feature in which we round up all our events, earned media, meetings and speaking engagements for the month. Behold, March:

Mar 2 = Regular meeting of MORPC’s Community Advisory Council, on which Catherine serves

Mar 2 = Getting to know you meeting with Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, Westerville Bicycle Club, Columbus Rides Bikes and COMBO

Mar 3 = Planning meeting for Central Ohio’s 2015 Ride of Silence

Mar 4 = Meeting with Scott Ulrich, City of Columbus’s new Bicycle Coordinator, Scott Ulrich

Mar 4 = Public meeting for the City of Columbus‘s proposed Summit/3rd and 4th upgrades

Mar 5 = Regular meeting of the Transportation Committee of Mayor Coleman’s Green Team, on which Catherine serves

Mar 6 = Meeting with Alex Smith, Safe Routes to School Coordinator at Columbus Public Health

Mar 8 = Board retreat for Downtown Residents Association of Columbus, on which Catherine serves

Mar 10 = National Women’s Bicycling Forum in Washington D.C.

Mar 11 = League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Summit in Washington D.C.

Mar 12 = Meetings with staff for Representatives Pat Tiberi, Steve Stivers and Joyce Beatty in their D.C. offices to advocate for bicycling infrastructure funding and for Vision Zero

Mar 15 = Participation in the Westerville Bicycle Club’s Ohio Bike Swap Meet, courtesy members Jeff Gove and Steve Puhl, Jr

Mar 16 = Monthly board meeting for Yay Bikes!

Mar 16 = Presentation to the Westerville Bicycle Club, courtesy member Jeff Bannon

Mar 19 = Regular meeting of Community Shares of Mid Ohio‘s Program Services Committee meeting, which Catherine chairs

Mar 20 = Conference call with How We Roll OSU planning team

Mar 23 = Monthly gathering of the Yay Bikes! Member Champions

Mar 25 = Regular meeting of the CoGo Strategy Group

Mar 25 = Regular meeting of Columbus’ Bicycle Working Group (formerly the Bicycle Subcommittee of the Transportation & Pedestrian Commission), on which Catherine serves

Mar 25 = Inaugural planning meeting for Bike the Cbus 2015

Mar 26 = Planning meeting for City of Columbus’s 2015 Bike to Work Day

Mar 29 =  Planning meeting for Central Ohio’s 2015 Ride of Silence

Mar 30 = Regular meeting of MORPC’s Community Advisory Council, on which Catherine serves

Mar 31 = Public meeting for Connect Columbus

Earn a Bike 3.0 @ Great Western Academy

DSC04064 (1)
Gladden House youth touring the West Side in 2014’s Earn a Bike Program

With generous funding from the Coca Cola Foundation through the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s Ohio regional office, this spring we’re partnering with Imagine Schools Great Western Academy to deliver our third round of our Earn a Bike programming to 20 youth. During the program, kids will participate in 8 hours of mechanical education and 8 hours of safe cycling education, plus complete a bicycle-related community service project. If they complete the program, they’ll take home a new bike, plus a helmet, lock and other accessories.

Final report from 2014:

Yay Bikes! and Franklinton Cycle Works partnered with Gladden Community House on the city’s West Side to offer their youth a 2-week Earn a Bike program. During the program’s first week, participants learned basic bicycle mechanics and maintenance over 8 hours at Franklinton Cycle Works; in the second week they rode for 8 hours with Yay Bikes! to learn trail and road safety. On the final day of the program they shared what they’d learned with their peers by staffing a bike rodeo at Avondale Middle School. Ten children aged 8–14 began the program and 9 (3 girls and 6 boys) completed it to earn their bicycles and accessories.  Continue reading Earn a Bike 3.0 @ Great Western Academy

Out & About with Yay Bikes! : February 2015

Selfies Snapshots with Catherine”, Michelle May (Safety Program Manager, ODOT), Jolene Molitoris (Former Director, ODOT) and Joy Lanham (President, WTS Columbus) edition

Welcome to the monthly feature in which we round up all our events, earned media, meetings and speaking engagements for the month. Behold, February:

Feb 2 = Columbus Underground article: “Protected Bike Lane on Summit Just the Beginning, Says City & Cycling Advocacy”

Feb 2 = Columbus Dispatch article: “Transportation Insider: New markings to guide 4th Street cyclists”

Feb 3 & 25 = Yay Bikes! Member Champions Night (link to March’s event)

Feb 5 = Annual Meeting of WTS Columbus (Women’s Transportation Seminar)

Feb 12 = Regular meeting of Mayor Coleman’s Green Team, on which Catherine serves

Feb 12 = Meeting of the CoGo Planning Team, on which Catherine serves, to strategize with the new Motivate CEO, Jay Walder

Feb 12 = Buckeye News Now video: “Bike lanes to be added off campus” (story @ 5:31–7:29)

Feb 13 = Meeting with Julie Walcoff of ODOT to plan for the National Safe Routes to School Conference in 2016 and other potential partnerships

Feb 16 = Meeting with Stuart Hunter, founder of roll:, to discuss Business Membership

Feb 18 = Regular board meeting of Downtown Residents Association of Columbus, at which Catherine was elected to the Board of Directors

Feb 20 = Meeting of City of Columbus engineers and project consultants to discuss proposed changes to 3rd/Summit & 4th Street designs

Feb 22 = Inaugural planning meeting for 2015’s Ride of Silence

Feb 25 = Inaugural meeting of the Bike to Work Day Planning Group, on which Catherine & Meredith serve

Feb 25 = Regular meeting of the Bicycle Subcommittee of the Transportation & Pedestrian Commission, on which Catherine serves

Feb 26 = Meeting with Abby Rhodebeck, Outdoor Programs and Outreach Market Coordinator for REI to discuss Bike the Cbus sponsorship

Feb 27 = People for Bikes blog post: “Boston, Columbus, Detroit, Indy, Minneapolis, Houston, Denver & Seattle all Unveil Protected Lanes”

Membership Champions unite!

Be a superhero. Invite your friends to join our movement.

Our ambitious goal is to achieve 1,000 members this year (up from 662 as of today, Feb 4). Why? Because we know that the number of members in a bicycle advocacy organization correlates to improved advocacy outcomes. High membership rates increase an organization’s political clout and create a reliable funding source with which we can hire staff, expand programming and more.

We all know people who should be Yay Bikes! members—They’re cyclists! They want our streets to be safer! They love us! But maybe they’re not yet. Maybe because we haven’t asked. Yay Bikes! is now making it easier — and fun! — to ask.

At our new Member Champion nights, you and a bunch of your Yay Bikes! buddies will get scripts, emotional support and FOOD to help you invite friends into the organization. Our next Member Champion Night will be Wednesday, February 25, 5–8pm at the Yay Bikes! office (within Summit on 16th UMC at 82 E 16th Ave, Columbus 43201). Join us!




Educating practitioners statewide on youth bicycle safety

The Ohio American Academy of Pediatrics Foundation’s annual Bicycle Helmet Safety Awareness Week, offered in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation, is on the calendar for May 2–10, 2015. More information about how to participate, educational materials and the application for free youth helmets to give away, are now available.

The educators, health professionals, community activists and others statewide who receive free helmets will travel to Columbus in April to pick them up. At that time, for the first time in the campaign’s history, training provided by yours truly will help them address the most critical points of bicycle safety for young riders. The lessons they learn that day are expected to reduce youth bike injuries throughout Ohio! We thank the Ohio AAP Foundation and ODOT for prioritizing a rigorous educational experience for these practitioners.

Out & About with Yay Bikes! : January 2015

“Selfies with Catherine”, Shannon Hardin (Columbus City Council) edition

Welcome to our new monthly feature, in which we round up all our events, earned media, meetings and speaking engagements for the month. Behold, January:

Jan 5 = Meeting with Transit Columbus’s Elissa Schneider, re: Open Streets and other potential partnerships

Jan 5 = Meeting of MORPC’s Community Advisory Committee, on which Catherine serves

Jan 6 = Meeting with Columbus City Council’s new Public Service Chair Shannon Hardin, re: introducing him to our work

Jan 7 = Columbus Food League’s Yay Bikes! fundraiser @ Grass Skirt Tiki Room

Jan 7 = Meeting with Greater Columbus Art Council’s Ruby Harper, re: integrating art and bicycling

Jan 13 = Meeting with ODOT’s Julie Walcoff and the Ohio AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) Foundation’s Hayley Southworth, re: providing trainings for the 2015 “Put a Lid On It” campaign

Jan 14 = Presentation at Grandview Civic Welfare Club, re: Yay Bikes! programming

Jan 15 = Meeting with Bexley’s Mayor Ben Kessler, Council Member Deneese Owen and Service Department Director Bill Dorman, re: serving Bexley’s cyclists

Jan 27 = Meeting with City of Columbus Deparment of Public Service Director Tracie Davies & Deputy Director Jennifer Gallagher, re: Multimodal Thoroughfare Plan update and other city bike business

Jan 28 = Meeting of the Bicycle Subcommittee of the Transportation & Pedestrian Commission, on which Catherine serves

Jan 30 = Columbus Dispatch article: “University District to get first protected bike lane in Columbus”