Ride FAQ

The Year of Yay! ride series offers 12 months of exciting themes, 2–5 stops per ride and up to 100 cyclists each month. Year of Yay! rides are for everyone—experienced cyclists enjoy old friends and develop their leadership skills, while newbies gain confidence and learn the rules of the road. All of us explore the city together, supporting our local economy. Learn more with this video from Brian Ferenchik and register now!

Q: When are the rides?

A: All rides are the second Saturday of the month beginning at 10am.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Year of Yay! rides are free for all participants. Participation in the rides is, however, exclusively reserved for members and first-time guests. Memberships may be purchased with cash, check or credit card on the day of the ride, and you can always join now or renew online!

Q: How do I register? Can I just show up?

A: We strongly encourage pre-registration—it makes your day-of experience more pleasant, guarantees your exclusive button and your spot on the ride (we cap at 100 participants) and ensures you receive all ride-related communications. Day-of registrations begin at 9:30am.

Q: Where do the rides start and end?

A: Rides leave from the Whole Foods Market in Upper Arlington. We explore 15–20 miles by bike and return to the market by 1pm. Often an optional second leg then leaves from the market to enjoy additional sites on that month’s theme and/or food and beverage.

Q: What happens during the rides?

A: After a brief safety chat at Whole Foods Market, we head out on the road—following all applicable traffic laws—and ride a casual (~10–12mph pace, or slower as necessary) few miles to our first destination. There we may receive a tour, listen to a brief explanation of what we’re experiencing, explore on our own, eat some food, etc. for about 20–30 minutes before we head back out for another few miles and two similar stops. After 15–20 miles and 3 stops, we return to Whole Foods Market by 1pm and those who are done depart from there. Often an optional second leg then leaves from the market to enjoy additional sites on that month’s theme and/or food and beverage.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: The only essentials are a helmet, your membership card and a form of payment if you want to spend money at the ride’s stops. Otherwise, bring anything you feel will make you more comfortable on the ride (e.g., phone, bottle of water, snacks, sunscreen, medicines, etc.), wear weather-appropriate clothing and come as you are. Locks are not necessary but may be useful.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad?

A: We don’t roll in thunderstorms or icy/snowy conditions, but we do roll in light rain. Decisions regarding cancellations will be made and communicated by 7am the morning of the ride. Those who have registered in advance will be notified by email, and a post will be made on Facebook. Cancelled rides will be rescheduled for the following Saturday—same time, same place.

Q: What’s up with the buttons? Can I get a button for the rides I missed?

A: Each rider receives an button designed by a local artist to reflect that month’s theme. Button artists have included Ryan Brinkerhoff (2012), Rich Schneider (2013) and Jessica Seyfang (2014). Buttons are exclusive to those who participate in the ride.

Q: Do I have to be a strong cyclist to participate?

A: Year of Yay! is designed to accommodate riders of all ages and abilities. Our pace is a casual 10–12mph, each ride features several stops for exploration and no one is ever left behind. You can do it!

Q: What if I don’t have a bicycle or helmet?

A: Columbus features several sources for inexpensive bicycles and helmets. Contact us to request this information.